Do You Ever Do This For Your Friend?

Do You Ever Do This For Your Friend?

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Do You Ever Do This For Your Friend?

“Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.”

James 5:16 (NLT)

Do you ever do this in your friendships?  That is PRAY.  Now in friendship there are a lot of things you will do together such as dining out at fabulous restaurants, spending the weekend shopping, checking out a movie, viewing your favorite band in concert, power walking, line dancing, yoga classes, traveling to fun destinations, attending a basketball or football game and of course all of those birthday parties, cookouts, graduation celebrations, holidays, and housewarmings.  I mean the list goes on and on. In the midst of all of the activities there is life taking you through constant peak and valley moments.  Who do you turn to in these pivotal moments?

Have you ever thought about incorporating prayer into your friendships? Do you ever just take out the time to pray for that friend or pray with them? You know a person will say, I am praying for you. Are you really praying for that friend or are you just saying it because it sounds like the correct thing to say to a person. We tend to tread in the shallow waters when it comes to our friendships.  We want things to appear all deep when in actuality; we are afraid of going too deep because it will expose our flaws and show our weaknesses.

So if we have to pray for one another that will mean opening ourselves up to become transparent. That would be too embarrassing and furthermore my friends would not understand me, and probably judge me. I pray to God isn’t that enough? You may start to think about it and tell yourself that praying would become time consuming in the relationship. Friendship is supposed to be light and fun, right?

Authentic friendships are about coming into an understanding that this relationship will consists of reliability, trust, and honesty.  The friendship is a safe space where you can retreat when dealing with conflicts and just the everyday issues of life.

We talk the talk but do we walk the walk for one another? Do we ever really seek God in the matters concerning our friends?

Let’s Talk About Ways to Incorporate Prayer Into Your Friendship.

Pray Immediately For Your Friend – When your friend has asked that you pray for them or a particular situation, don’t just say that you will and then never do it. We have good intentions when we tell someone that we will pray, but we need to act upon the request. If you are able to, pray with them at that very moment.  Another suggestion is I have learned to write down the prayer requests on post it notes or index cards. I carry them with me in my purse. That way I can remember what I need to pray about.  I also have a prayer book. I keep all prayer requests listed. I date the request and follow-up when the prayer is answered.

About twenty years ago, Valerie was living in Spain and I was living in Michigan. I was about seven months pregnant with my daughter, and during this time I was having a hard time sleeping at night. However, on this particular night while sound asleep, a voice awakened me and told me to pray for Valerie.  I had not spoken to her or received any information from her, so I did not know what was going on.  So I was obedient and I started to pray. The more I prayed I realized that she was in distress and I began to weep. It was so upsetting to me that I called her sister the next day to let her know what had happened.  I later found out that Valerie was really going through some things and needed those prayers.  I was so glad that I prayed for my friend. I could not be there for her physically or talk with her on the phone, but I know that prayer was more powerful than those things at that moment.

Pray Over Your Partnership – A friendship is a partnership. It is two or more persons coming together to spend quality time. You know that down time or leisure time is what we look forward to having with one another. Therefore, it is a very good idea to pray about this time. Especially, when the person that you call a friend has shown genuineness; realness is scarce these days. So when you find it in a person, that’s a very valuable attribute and you want to appreciate it and nourish it. Praying for each other is the perfect ingredient to building up and fortifying one another. Our friendship is also a business partnership and before we conduct any type of business we stop and pray for direction, understanding, creativity, and divine connections.

Pray for humility – Humility is something we all need, but we don’t always have it. That’s why this is an excellent reason why we should pray for humility in our friendships. Jesus was the perfect example of someone showing humility. He showed humility and compassion with the disciples, even when they didn’t deserve it. And although we are not to be compared to the divine; this is an attribute that we can have if we…Pray for it!

Some negative attributes that need to get weeded out of friendships immediately:

  1. Arrogance – this is the know it all type, who also acts like they are better than you.
  2. Self-righteousness – when you find fault in other people, but your inefficiencies are kept silent. You can’t handle someone addressing your issues. It’s like crickets if someone sheds light on them….
  3. Pridefulness – When you can do something that you know was not right, but can’t acknowledge it or apologize for it.

Pray With Them Regarding Their Desires/Concerns

We should always remember that there is power in numbers.  Praying alone and having your personal time with God is vital.  However, there are times when you pray together and things are taken up a notch. Matthew 18:19-20 (MSG) states “Take this most seriously: a yes on earth is yes in heaven; a no on earth is a no in heaven.  What you say to one another is eternal.  I mean this.  When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action.  And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.”  This scripture delivers a powerful message to everyone that when we actually take the time to come together concerning anything our prayers do not go unheard.

Friendship is actually ministry in action.  There have been numerous times that Valerie and I have called on one another for prayer concerning our friendship, family illness, our kids, jobs, our business, this website, and purpose.  There is nothing too small or great that the power of prayer cannot handle.  Take some time to think about your friendships and how you can incorporate prayer.  We would love for you to share with us if you are already in action or when you decide to start.  Always remember God is in the midst, even in our friendships.


Even Better Together,

Trina and Valerie


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