Supporting a Friend Who is Grieving The Loss of their Mom on Mother’s Day

How to Support a Friend Who is Grieving The Loss of their Mom on Mother’s Day

This Blog Post is dedicated to Sadie Ruth Milner.

My best friend of over 42 years and business partner loss her mom last June. Since I have known her mom pretty much all of my life this loss was hard. Momma was my second mom and I loved her dearly.  I always enjoyed her conversation and she was quite spirited and expressive.  I will always remember the fun times shared with her. She embraced me as a daughter and always supported me throughout the years.  Much love to Sadie Ruth Milner.  Rest in Heaven. I will always remember from a young girl how you always made me feel loved and welcomed.

As we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day just know that this day is about appreciation. There’s no one coping mechanism that will suit everyone’s experience. For those of us who act in roles of support to those that have loss their moms here are a few friend tips on how to support them on Mother’s Day.

Acknowledge the loss – Let your friend know that you are thinking of them and that you remember their loss by giving them a call, text, or send them a card.

Listen to them – Be present and available to your friend.  Take everything in and let them get it out. You don’t always have to respond.

Never ever minimize the loss even if the friend is older Understand that no matter what age your friend is, they have loss their mom and that is major deal to them.

Be Adventurous – Holidays and celebrations can be filled with emotion.  If your friend is up to some fun think of activities that bring joy.  Make it a stress free time.

Jump Right In and Act on It – Instead of saying, How can I help you?  Be aware of what they need and move on that.  So you can say to them, I’d like to take you to dinner what is the best day for you? Move on it and enjoy.

Be respectful of how they want to spend Mother’s Day –

Your friend may just want to be alone and forget about the day.  Holidays can be difficult for a person especially when the loss is new.  Just remember to show love to your friend and let them know they are never alone.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there!

Enjoy this day with your loved ones. You deserve it.

Even Better Together,


*Share with us your celebration or tradition that honor’s your mom’s memory.  Do you have a friend that celebrates with you? Send your stories to  We look forward to hearing from you!!!

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