Friendship is Good for the Soul: Health Benefits of Friends

Friendship is good for the Soul

 Health Benefits of Friendship

In today’s society we live in a fast paced, goal driven, money making, self-centered world. That brings along added stress, manufactured insecurities, depression, low self-worth, and all of the ingredients that make up an unhealthy human being.

There are medical studies that show the benefits of friendship and the flip side of the token as well. According to WebMD, “A recent study followed nearly 1,500 older people for 10 years. If found that those who had a network of friends were about 22% less likely to die during the 10 years.”

On the flip side of the spectrum, loneliness can be a conduit to all sorts of health ailments. To give you a clear picture as to how important and vital it is that we have social outlets via friends, another study conducted by Consumer Health Day, released a study of more than 28,000 men published in 2002, found that the men without strong social ties were nearly 20 percent more likely to die within 10 years, regardless of their health or occupation.”

So as you can see, friends are awesome and needed in our lives. Now we know that you cannot be friends with everyone you meet. However, be open to meeting new people, sociable and engaging.

Power of the Pair, has found friendship to be a lifeline. We are living testaments and have lived out our own case study of the proven benefits to one another lives. Below is a receipt of ingredients of a well- balance friendship. I challenge you to try the recipe, you just might like it!



Improve your Mood

Reduce your stress level

Boost your self-worth

Support you through tough times

Help you reach your goals and/or purpose

Provide an honest rapport

Love you for you, imperfections and all!

Bon Appetit!


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