Meet the Wonder Twins and Best Friends: Chandra and Shanon

Power of the Pair is excited to celebrate and highlight some special and unique friendships throughout the month of August.

Meet Chandra Lavett Goodrum and Shanon Latrice Goodrum, natives of Atlanta, Georgia, Best Friends and Twin Sisters, born four minutes apart on February 24, 1978. They attended Morris Brown College in Atlanta Georgia. Chandra received her B.A. in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources and Shanon received her B.A. in Business Administration with Concentration in Business Management in May 2002.

They are both members of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. where they initially joined the graduate chapter IOTA ZETA SIGMA and would later transfer to ETA SIGMA of Atlanta in 2015. This is the oldest chapter in the City of Atlanta that has held the city’s Debutante Ball for 66 years. Chandra and Shanon have also served on various committees: Debutante Committee, Operation Big Book Bag, Membership, Policy and Procedures and also the Founder’s Day Committee.

They attend Calvary United Methodist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. These ladies agree that they have been able to live their lives grounded and stable due to their strong spiritual beliefs, focus, and perseverance.  For fun you can catch them out enjoying a good movie, and trying new restaurants in Atlanta and, hanging out with friends.

Chandra and Shanon share with us in this spotlight article what friendship means to them as sisters and best friends.

First of all, how do you describe the friendship between the two of you?

Shanon defines friendship with her sister as having that someone that you can trust and who will always be there for you. The two qualities that she values most in who she is as a friend to her sister are trustworthiness and honesty.

Chandra looks at her friendship with Shanon as something more than just about her being a family member. She defines their friendship as a close bond that no one can break. Chandra’s described the two most important qualities that she brings to the friendship are generosity and being a great listener.

In today’s society, why it is so hard to find authentic friends?  There are people who will say they are your friend when they are really not. Then there is this competition with each other that exists. If one person does something then the other person has to do it also or even better. (Shanon)

It is hard to find good friends these days unless you have grown up with them. I look at the young people today and the way they operate in friendship and it is so different. Technology is a plus but it has certainly changed the way that people make and keep friends. (Chandra)

How do you handle conflict and or disagreements? We always talk it out and never hold things over each other’s heads.

What do you all think is needed to improve the quality of friendships? Just be yourself and honest. Always be there for one another and check to see if your friend is having a good day or a bad day. Show that you care.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your friendship?

True friendships last a long time. These type of friends will always be there for you no matter what. (Shanon)

Friendships are meaningful and if you don’t have that type friendship you are missing out. You always want to have that someone you can call and laugh and cry with. That’s what Shanon and I have with one another. (Chandra)

These awesome twin sisters and best friends leave us with three life lessons (1) in life we are responsible for our own actions (2) go see the world and (3) always strive to be great.

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